"Lebensabend" is the German word for the "Autumn of your Life" which is the phase of retirment from professional work and enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of work. It is the last stage, where it all has to make sense somehow. And everybody has a different view on what "make sense" finally means. It is also the time in which people do not tend to take on a challenge or inconvenience and it is also not supposed to be challenging or inconvenient, because life will be over soon anyways.

Returning to Germany, this feels to me like the place where "Lebensabend" begins for everybody just after taking the driving license at the age of 18. Things are so convenient. The challenge (for those who still have a challenge at all) here is how to get from 99.999 % to an unreachable 100 %. And the discussions about it are quite philosophical, if not esoteric. But also like it is with some old people, they get grumpy and complain a lot: this does not work, this is not clean, this is too noisy, too stupid, too lazy, too unfair.

I find it would be very complicated to return to Germany for more than an assignment one day. It becomes like Kurt Vonneguts: "A man without a country". One day you just feel like a guest anywhere and home is where you open your suitcase. Then we just become many "One man countries". There is nothing wrong with that, I guess.