Tainted skin

Once you have a phobia in your mind, it's really hard to get over it. Recently, I returned my food in a restaurant, because the waiter was tattooed. I just could not eat it anymore. Then last weekend in Munich, a tattooed guest entered the hotel's breakfast room, which made me feel so noxious, that I turned away - just to see another one who had human corps parts, like skulls and bones, impregnated on his arms. I know, I have to overcome this one day, but eating and tattoos just don't work together for me. Don't get me wrong, people can of course decorate their bodies as they wish. It's up to me finding a way, not to feel disturbed by it anymore. 

Somehow, in my mind it has solidified that non-tribal tattoos are related to gang membership, prostitution, drugs and inmates. In the best case, they maybe English servicemen or other kinds of hooligans. That's why I understand, that in Japan non concealed tattoos are banned in many public baths and gyms. People are just scared of them, and definitely don't want to share the water with somebody who they think maybe infected with all kinds of bugs. It's perceived as dangerous, dirty and filthy.

Even I catch myself, that if I spot a person with a tattoo, I may watch every move more carefully, like it would be a roaming Pitbull Terrier on a children's playground. It's just hard wired by now.  Of course, not all Pitbulls are vicious, and neither are all tattooed people. It's nonsense, I know. I am also not a wussy, as I have worked with people suffering leprosy and others terribly disfigured and sick. We even shared the canteen and it made me no trouble at all. Perhaps it's the environment which makes the difference. I heard that you can overcome phobias by confronting them. Should I go to a tattoo shop one day and try and eat something in there?  For sure, if I manage that, I can overcome anything.