Nine Years in China

Where ever I stay in the rest of my life, I will always feel homesick to China. Now I have been here for nine years. It is a vast country, nearly a continent of its own, reaching from Central Asia to the Pacific. My China is not about the Megacities and becoming rich. My China is about the hidden corners and the things we might have the last chance to see in this rapidly developing country. And the deeper I go, the more there is to explore. One day, I will leave. And I know this time is coming. And I might go it even by foot. I will walk away from the cities, the cars, the factories and all these things which are increasingly shaping and changing the country. But I never walk away from my memories, and neither from my China of the hidden corners, nor from my friends and the people I love. Also I will not go to "my country". Because I have no country. I never carried a flag, neither on my rucksack, nor in my heart. I just know places - many of them. And there are many more to come.

marcus @ Bayanbulak panorama.jpeg