My "Smartphone" is like a spoiled girl

You know these kind of girls? Everything is complicated. They wake you up at night and need attention. They need charging every day. You can not have a serious conversation without loosing the connection. They are in many social networks and they are full of gossip and junk when ever you look at them. They need expensive updates and accessories all the time to keep going. They freeze without warning. They loose power faster than expected. They are unreliable. When you need them most, they make a scene. They get wet in the rain, they faint. They call themselves smart, but just to make you feel guilty because you don't know what to do with them. Yes, my "Smartphone" is just like this - like a spoiled girl. A waste of time.

I was talked recently by my IT Department into an Android phone. They said, they can support this better until I found out that they cannot support anything really - not even my computer. Might be a nice phone. But just not my type. I will dump it for a new model from Sweden, the Sonim Force 3G. Built for life. That's better.