Gardening my way to work

Since I have been in Beijing, for 6 months now without any significant rainfall, I was thinking recently quite often about the reservoirs around the city. Sure, I have not been here all the time and seen every drop of rainfall, and there was a bit of snow and here and there a few drops. But nothing which really can replenish the reserves on which this city runs in terms of water supply. Finally, today there was a real heavy convective rain, and even I know many people get annoyed, I was happy to see the streets flooded. Hope this was the start of a good rainy season. The map attached does not show the rainfall observation yet, because it is from 8:00 in the morning, but the isobars and the MSAT shading illustrate the general weather constellation with winds from the South. So, tomorrow on the way to work along the river I expect the trees to be lush and the color of the flowers flowers to be brighter. The air is already cleared up, it cooled down a lot and the evening sun is breaking through. That's a good start into the week. I guess I need that, because there are big changes ahead.