The solution for pollution is dillusion

Last night I came out of a movie theater in Chaoyang District and could barely pierce through the smog to see the other side of the street. Breathing was literally painful, my eyes were itchy and it was hard not to cough. It has been like this for more than a week now in Beijing. Even in Chinese wording this was called "hazardous". While I walked through the stuck traffic back home, with no taxi to jump on, I suddenly noticed that I can not see the next building ahead, but I actually can see the stars when I raise my head. The smog was just a very shallow layer above the ground. Just a little bit of wind and it would be gone. Then around midnight the mosquito shatters outside the window started rattling in a breeze. With this I fell asleep and knew, when I wake up, the sky will be blue again. Finally!

20130124 Sun and wind in beijing.JPG