You have mail?

I am lucky that I have a brilliant service at hand: the China Post. I have rarely seen anything as efficient, reliable and cheap. Try to buy stamps for the price of an iPad. You can send mail for the rest of your days. Sure, the lady behind the counter never smiles. But she brings anything on the way. And if there is no way, she will find one. Then she will still not smile. Smiling costs extra. She has a big heart, so why having a big smile?

My private mail is not going over an electronic "server". It is on paper, addressed with a real location and cleared with stamps. It goes though the hands of real people like the lady behind the counter. It will land on a parking space in the morning where it will be thrown on different piles for local delivery. At any weather. In will be in trains, on Jinbeis and on bicycles, and it will reach you (mostly). Of course I need to know your real address to write to you. But that's what real people have, don't they?