Finally dried up my Sony NEX-7 SEL 18200 (18 mm -200 mm)-lens

Last year I ditched with my Sony NEX-7 into a lake in Cambridge. The camera body dried up during the night, but the SEL 18200 (18 mm -200 mm)-lens was struggling even after all fog was gone with the communication to the camera. I was still using the camera with the 18 mm - 55 mm lens. But today, without really knowing what I am looking for, I took the long lens with a screw driver to pieces, cleaned everything, and put it together again. And guess - it works. Excellent!

I am not using heavy SLR gear any more, as I find it not just too heavy to carry, but also too intrusive when you want to shoot in real life and not in a studio. So, I am happy now my Sony is back and I have a bit of longer focus length again.

Currently my cameras are:

  1. Fuji X-100 (with mounted 23 mm fixed lens)
  2. Fuji X-E2 with 18 mm - 55 mm zoom
  3. Sony NEX-7 with 18 mm - 55 mm zoom and 18 mm - 200 mm zoom
  4. Sony RX 100

The flash I use is a Nikon Speedlight SB-800.

As these cameras are all quite light and compact, I only need a Gitzo G1097 tripod.