In a "Slam-Bang" from Adelaide to Melbourne

After two marvelous weeks in Adelaide, we drove with a Wicked Camper van to Melbourne. These cars are quite iconic for Australia and ours was a Mitsubishi, with a sliding door. When you close it, you have to use some force and it makes a sound, which gave these vehicles their nick name: "Slam-Bang". The road trip took a week and the nice thing with such a car is, that you are very self sustained and can stop and stay anywhere. The Great Ocean Road was actually not what impressed me most. But I was thrilled by the volcanic geology and landscapes, as well as by the coastline. When watching the ocean swells (which only make 1 % of the sea's surface, but 50 % of marine life) you can feel not just the enormous power of these currents, but also that they are some of the most venerable point of our planet's ecosystem.