Julie Zahra and the Trio Lakota

We went to the recital in the Robert Sammut Hall yesterday. It is a venue where they offer frequently nice and short performances of about an hour. It is a nice way to start an evening with friends. So, we did. Julie Zahra sang a mix from Scarlatti, via Mozart, Puccini, Franz Schubert to Richard Strass, and also three pieces by the Maltese composers Joseph Vella. At the piano was Charlene Farrugia. The Trio Lakota played three pieces by Alexey Shor. Back in 2004 Julie Zahra represented Malta in the final of the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson (for some also known as European Song Contest), and as a result was a very known pop singer in Malta and beyond. Given that, I was actually very surprised by her versatility and we really enjoyed the evening.