Turing Test for Hubots

When Alan Turing developed his test in the 1950s, to measure the extend of machine intelligence and to distinguish between humans and machines, there was still such line of distinction. Since then, not just machines became more human, but also some humans became more like machines. You could even argue that a new class of creatures emerged: a human-machine hybrid. A form of Siri on a biological host system. Let's call them "Hubots". In them, large parts of the Neocortex has been taken over by electronics. Natural sensors, intellectual and social capabilities are heavily reduced. Don't expect a conversation with a Hubot beyond pure functional exchange of data. Hubots are mainly digital: ones and zeros. Any poetry will be a wasted. The best thing is, to talk to them like you talk to an automated call center. They have the intellectual capabilities of an online banking platform.

There is no Turing Test for Hubots. Alan Turing himself, with all respect to his genius, did not anticipate the Hubots coming. But you can use a few indicators which help to distinguish humans from Hubots:

  1. Hubots need computing power and data connection to perform very simple administrative tasks (like looking at their calendar, basic calculus etc.)
  2. They have to google the answer to most questions, because they only keep a very small on site memory.
  3. They prefer electronics also for short distance communication.
  4. They maintain multiple and redundant electronic channels ‎to exchange irrelevant information with other Hubots.
  5. The electronic narrative of what they do is more important than doing it.
  6. They feel "Nomophobia", which is a form of stress symptom when the electronic brain is not available.
  7. They care more how they appear in the electronic world than how they appear at the dinner table.

‎Hubots are not machines. They deserve respect of humans, even they might treat you rather disrespectful. Don't be surprised, when they send you birthday greetings by an e-card or message. They actually mean well. Even it is not clear to me, what "meaning" is for them. You can't educate them. They are rather hard wired. You have to train them. Just a form of "upload" will do. That's something they can cope with. Don't try metaphors. It will cause confusion and a complete system breakdown. Same to humor. Don't tell them a joke. They won't understand. Show them a funny clip on Youtube. They will enjoy that much more. You also can't care for them. You can only feed them. Buy them a data flat rate and they are happy. And there is nothing better than to have happy Hubots.